Debit Card and Cash Car Rentals

Have you experienced problems trying to rent a car with cash or a debit card? Most car rental companies in Cleveland only rent to people with credit cards. However, City Auto Rental doesn’t discriminate against the type of money you use—we happily accept both cash and debit cards. Reserve one of our cash car rentals today, or contact us at (216) 688-0208 with any questions.

Poor Credit? No Problem.

In today’s economy, many people are experiencing financial difficulties. This makes it challenging to maintain good credit. If your credit score is less than ideal, come to City Auto Rental. We rent to everyone who meets our requirements, regardless of whether your score is above 600 or not. After all, you’re a person—not a credit-score number which is why we offer cash car rentals.

Being one of the few rental car companies that accept debit cards and cash certainly makes us unique, but it’s not the only reason customers choose us. Below are some of our other perks:

  • Affordability: We have some of the most affordable rates in Ohio, and offer several car rental options that are cheap in price, not in quality.
  • Selection: You have access to our entire fleet of cars, regardless of whether you pay with cash or a credit card.
  • Free Perks: We offer 75 free miles per day with all of our rental cars. Additionally, if you rent a car for six days, we give you a seventh day at a discounted rate.

Cash Car Rentals in Cleveland!

Car Sales

While renting a car with poor credit is difficult, buying a used car with poor credit is nearly impossible. If you’re having trouble, we have a solution. All of the cars in our fleet are for sale, and we offer several financing plans for people of all credit scores. At City Auto Rental, we’ll help you purchase a quality car for a price that’s in your budget. We have some of the best and cheapest used cars in the Cleveland area!

The next time you need a car in Cleveland or surrounding cities in Ohio, come to the company that goes above and beyond to serve you with cash car rentals. Make a reservation at City Auto Rental today, or contact us at (216) 688-0208 with any questions. We look forward to equipping you for the road ahead.