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Mid-size Rental Cars in Cleveland

Mid-Size - Ford Fusion or similar
Ford Fusion or similar Rental
MPG City 23/MPG Highway 34
6-Speed Automatic
4 Cylinder

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Never underestimate the power and influence of a mid-size car. Spacious on the inside and streamlined on the outside, these mid-size rental cars have mastered the art of timeless appeal. Whether you’re headed to work, or you’re running errands in Cleveland, 2nd 2 None Rentals & Auto Sales has a large fleet of vehicles that will get you to your destination comfortably and stylishly. Request a quote online, or contact us at (216) 242-6961 with any questions.

The reason these vehicles are so popular isn’t a mystery. They simply cater to a variety of people’s traveling desires by being comfortable, versatile, and affordable.


If you’ve ever spent a trip squished, crammed, or squeezed into the backseat of a small car, you know how crucial personal space is. Larger than a compact car rental, a mid-size gives everyone on the trip room to breathe. The extra headroom, legroom, and elbowroom in this rental car are truly priceless while traveling in Cleveland.


A mid-size car is arguably the most versatile car. Sophisticated and classy, it’s ideal for work. However, it also has the space you need for luggage, groceries, or extra passengers. Whatever trip you have planned, this car rental will be sure to rise to the occasion.


Life is already expensive enough. Why pay more at another company when you could pay less at 2nd 2 None? Our rental cars are classy, comfortable vehicles that respect your budget. Better yet, they come with unlimited mileage, and if you rent one for six days, you get the seventh day at a discounted rate. Come to our lot, and enjoy some of the lowest rates available in Cleveland.

Other Benefits of Rental Cars

While our customers appreciate the affordable pricing, that’s not the only reason they choose us. Below are more ways we’ve won our customer’s loyalty and the community’s respect:

We welcome everyone to our facility—even people with poor credit.

We accept several forms of payment, enabling you to get a car rental with a debit card or cash.

We service our fleet regularly, ensuring our cars are reliable, clean, and safe.

We offer used cars for sale, along with several financing plans to make them affordable.

We provide emergency towing services when you find yourself stranded without a working vehicle.

When you need a rental car in Cleveland, request a quote from 2nd 2 None. If you have any questions, contact us at (216) 242-6961 to speak to a representative. In addition to mid-size vehicles, we rent compact cars, full-size vehicles, and van rentals. We look forward to preparing you for the road ahead in the ideal vehicle for you.

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