Affordable Car Rentals in Cleveland

Are you currently carless and in need of a car rental to get on with your life? Whether you just dropped your vehicle off at the mechanic’s garage, or you recently flew into Cleveland for business, City Auto Rental has the ideal car rentals for the interim time.

Our car rental options give you the freedom to continue your daily routine without missing a beat. Better yet, our affordable rates are easy on the wallet. Make a reservation today, or contact us at (216) 688-0208 with any questions and we’ll be glad to assist you with any of our rental vehicles or sales.

Reserve a Car in Cleveland!

Selection of Quality Car Rentals

We’ve been serving Cleveland, and the surrounding areas of Ohio since 2003 with exceptional car rentals. Read about our diverse selection below to find the model that best suits your needs.

  • Economy: Get an incredible price on one of our well-maintained, reliable car rentals. In addition to big savings, a cheap car rental will also deliver a fast, efficient, and comfortable ride. If you want to travel on a budget, this model is the ideal candidate.
  • Standard: Slightly larger than the economy models, standard rental cars are renowned for their classic style and their comfortable cabin area. These rental options are also fuel-efficient while still providing room to stretch out.
  • Premium: If you want to rent a car in Cleveland for business or for a special occasion, our premium models exude class. Since these vehicles are crossovers between cars and SUVs, they feature spacious interiors with an extra dash of luxurious features.

Affordable for All

Our car rental fleet is incredible and so is our way of doing business. City Auto Rental rents to everyone who meets the simple requirements — even to those with poor credit. That’s right! Unlike other car rental companies, we treat everyone equally, regardless of their credit score. We’re also one of the few rental companies that accept debit cards and cash as payment. Additionally, we provide 75 free miles per day to help you save money and stay on budget.

If you’re looking for clean, reliable, and affordable car rentals in Cleveland, City Auto Rental is the answer. When you decide to rent a car, we’ll help you select the vehicle that is right for you. In addition to our fleet of dependable vehicles, we also offer a large selection of used cars for sale with special financing plans. Make a reservation with us today, or contact us at (216) 688-0208 with any questions. We look forward to equipping you for the road ahead.