What are the Requirements to Rent a Car?

Looking for a car rental in Cleveland, OH? We at City Auto Rental do our best to make renting a car as quick, easy, and enjoyable as possible. As you decide where to rent a car, be sure to check into each company’s rental car requirements. We include our age, license, and insurance requirements below.

NOTE: These requirements apply both to the person signing the rental contract as well as any additional drivers. You can add other drivers to your car rental contract for free, but you must name them in advance. All drivers must provide a valid license and proof of insurance.


If you want to rent a car or drive it, you must be at least 23 years old.


At City Auto Rental, we require our car rental customers to have a valid Ohio driver’s license. Out-of-state driver’s licenses will not be accepted. Additionally, we cannot rent a car or allow you to drive if you have a suspended license (with or without driving privileges).


You cannot rent or drive a rental car without proper insurance. If you have full coverage insurance, you do not need to sign the Physical Damage Waiver or pay the additional fee. However, anyone with only liability insurance must agree to sign and pay the Physical Damage Waiver, which covers any potential vehicle damage during your rental period (see the contract for more details). If you don’t have insurance, we can recommend Ohio insurance agents who can help you acquire the appropriate coverage.

More Questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions, or contact City Auto Rental at 216-688-0208. Our customer-service team can clarify our car rental policies or help you reserve your car rental.

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