Unauthorized Use

What does that mean and why are rental car companies so obsessed with it?  When renting a car, you present your drivers license and proof of insurance.  Your insurance company will cover you while driving the rental car.  If you hand the keys to someone else, their insurance company, if they have insurance, will tell the rental company that there is no rental agreement.  Therefore, the rental company has to pursue the “unauthorized driver” for any damage to the vehicle.  The driver’s insurance and the renter’s insurance will both deny any claims.  If the accident or damage is big enough, it could be a large amount of money that the driver is responsible to pay. So save everyone much hassle and put all drivers on the contract.  If you want to check your Ohio driver license, you may go to this website:https://services.dps.ohio.gov/BMVOnlineServices/

This is a website provided by the state of Ohio to check your driving record, free of charge.  It allows you to check on the number of points on your license and to check the status.
For more information on insurance check out: http://www.progressive.com/ or http://www.acceptanceinsurance.com/
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