Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Used Car

Used CarYou’ve been driving your trusty ol’ truck for years, and it’s been a reliable ride. However, years of use have finally caught up with it. You need to start thinking about buying a new vehicle. However, before you go to your local dealership, consider these three reasons for buying a used car—brought to you by our team at City Auto Rental.

1. Get a better value.

It’s no secret that the minute you drive a brand-new car off the lot that it depreciates in value, with nowhere else to go but down. While cars in general do not appreciate in value, you can see less of a drastic downturn by buying a used car known for its reliability and longevity. We recommend asking your local used-car dealership to recommend cars that retain their value.

2. Minimize your monthly expenses.

New cars come with a bigger price tag than if you were to buy the same model used. The higher the price tag, the bigger auto loan you may likely need to take out. However, by purchasing a used car, you can spend less monthly and overall as you pay off your loan.

3. Don’t drain your bank account.

If you do your research, test drive, and take your time to find the right vehicle, you can find just the right car to stick within your budget. You may be able to get a car without saying goodbye to all your savings.

For anyone looking for a used car in the Cleveland area, come on down to City Auto Rental. Yes, we have great rental cars, but we also have a selection of quality used cars. You can check out our inventory online or stop by during regular business hours.

To find out more, contact us at (216) 688-0208.


photo credit: public domain via pexels

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