Tips for Buying Used Cars

Buying a used car versus a brand-new vehicle off the dealer lot can mean a huge cost savings to you. But are you wondering how you can ensure you’re not only getting a good deal but a great used car as well? City Auto Rental of Cleveland wants to pass along these tips for purchasing used cars from Kelley Blue Book. (For the full list, go to Kelley Blue Book’s website.)

1. Know what you need.

Before you start making your wish list, make sure you first focus on what used-car features you need. For example, if you’re a family of six, plenty of space becomes a priority. Do you travel often and know you need a fuel-efficient vehicle with cruise control? Start with the basics and keep them in mind. Do your best not to choose flash over function.

2. Set your budget early.

Know what you can afford and what you want to pay. Having these numbers in mind helps you stay grounded when trying to make a deal. You’re less likely to spend beyond your means when you set a budget first.

3. Get a full auto history report.

With a VIN number from a used car, you can get a detailed vehicle history report online. Kelley Blue Book says, “An AutoCheck report can identify major problems with the vehicle, including past accidents, flood damage and odometer discrepancies. Also, request copies of the service records from the person selling the vehicle and have the vehicle inspected by a trusted mechanic before you give the seller any money.”

4. Take the test drive.

Never buy used cars without first taking them for a test run. Don’t feel rushed, and be sure to pay attention not only to the look of the vehicle, but also seat comfort, lights and electrical, engine noise, steering vibration, brakes, stereo system, and heating/cooling system. Check everything. If you’re not sure what to look for, read Kelley Blue Book’s full article (just follow the earlier link) or take along a friend who knows about used cars.

5. Negotiate for the best price.

Whether you’re buying a used car through a dealer or private seller, always try to get a good price. Consider paying with cash to see whether the seller will knock some money off the list price.

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