Things to Do: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Cleveland Metroparks ZooAre you visiting Cleveland, OH? Maybe you’re new to the area and looking for something to do this weekend? For a fun and family-friendly way to spend the day, our crew at City Auto Rental recommends that you check out the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

About the Zoo

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is rated among the top 20 things to do by TripAdvisor, and there’s reason for it.  The zoo is home to many wildlife exhibits. You can feel like you’ve visited the plains of Africa by seeing a lion up close, or you can explore the cat exhibit where you can enjoy the grace and power of these exotic felines. The zoo has animals from all over the world as well as on-site events, dining options, and gift shops to occupy your time and build memories. For up-to-date admission and ticketing information, be sure to check out the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo website.

Getting There

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is located just south of the downtown area. Your best bet for getting there is to drive and park in their designated parking area. Not only is it convenient to the zoo entrance, but it’s also free for zoo guests.

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photo credit: Jöshua Barnett (Flickr: Siberian Tiger) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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