Get your  Cleveland rental car and cruise on up to Vermillion, OH.  Good food, sandy beaches, and sunshine that won’t quit!  Just a short drive in your rental car for a day of fun and sun.  Drive west on route 2 and take in the Great Lakes Historical Society,

Linwood Park is a gated community, but for a fee will allow the general public entrance to this jewel on the north coast.  Shady park land abutting a long sandy beach with a kid-friendly park and concession stand.  Tuesday is family day and allows a discount entrance fee.  With the grove of 200 cottages, this is a great little hide away for families from all over. for more information.

Linwood contains many small restaurants, but is best known for McGarvey’s.  Long since closed and reopened under a new name, people still flock to Quaker Steak along the Vermillion River to enjoy a lunch or dinner on the outdoor patio.  Weekends often include a band.  Get your cleveland rental car and drive up for a dinner along the river, or park your boat alongside the dock and enjoy a cool drink.  For more info

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