Reserve Your Spring Break Rental Car Now

Spring Break Rental CarThe new year is already plunging ahead with full force. Schools are back at it, and you’ve settled back into your normal routine. However, before you know it, spring break will be here. You think you have time. You may even think you don’t need a getaway this year. However, from years past, you know that when spring break rolls around you will be itching to pack your bags and find some respite to get you through until summer. To get the rental car you want for spring break 2017, the time to reserve your car is now. City Auto Rental of Cleveland, OH, has just the right car for you. You can choose from:

Our fleet is both affordable and reliable, and you will find our customer service to rival (or surpass) any of the larger chain companies.

In fact, unlike many of the chains, we offer cash and debit car rentals to all our customers. We understand that many people have zero credit or poor credit, often due to circumstances beyond their control. But we don’t think that’s cause for you not to be able to rent a car. At City Auto Rental, you don’t have to use a credit card or have superior credit in order to reserve a car. Instead, using our cash program, you can be guaranteed a car for your spring break adventure, provided you meet the rental requirements.

Skip the chain car rental places, and come to City Auto Rental of Cleveland, where we can make sure your spring break starts off right. But don’t wait too long! The closer you get to spring break, the demand for car rentals increase. We recommend that you start planning now. To find out more about our rental cars or to make a reservation, contact us today at (216) 688-0208, or book online anytime.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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