Get a Premium Rental Car in Cleveland, OH

Are you looking for a quality rental car with a few added features from the basic models? If you have your sights set on something other than economy car rentals or a standard rental car, check out the premium rental car options at City Auto Rental in Cleveland, Ohio.

Perhaps you want to take full advantage of your vacation. Maybe you’re in need of a rental car while your vehicle is in the shop—so why not make the most of the experience, right? The premium car rentals at City Auto Rental are great for customers looking for a bit of luxury and lots of comfort.

Our top-shelf rental cars are crossover vehicles (think a Chevy HHR or something similar). Here’s what you can expect from a premium rental car from City Auto Rental:

  • Superior seating & luggage capacity for up to five adults
  • Quality interiors
  • Automatic transmission
  • ABS & dual air bags
  • AM/FM radio & CD player
  • Air conditioning
  • All-power windows and locks

In addition to these features, our Cleveland rental cars are affordable. So whether you need a rental car for a business trip or weekend away, we have a cheap rental car can be within your budget.

To ask about our top-of-the-line rental cars or book a rental, contact City Auto Rental of Cleveland, OH at 216-688-0208. Our customer service team will gladly answer your questions and get you on the road toward a first-class rental car experience.

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