Maximize Your Rental Experience

You’re a busy person with 1,000 things on your to-do list and places to go. The last thing you have time or energy for is a rental car that requires you to jump through a hundred hoops to get a good deal. You need to get where you’re going in Ohio without any stress involved.rental car

Your first step in the right direction is by choosing City Auto Rental of Cleveland. Our hometown customer service, reliable cars, cheap rates, and your ability to pay with cash or credit already put us a step above the bigger conglomerates. However, to get the most out of your car rental, let us make a few recommendations.

1. Make reservations in advance.

As soon as you know your travel dates, get in touch with City Auto Rental to find your vehicle and make a reservation. We’d hate for you to wait too long, only to miss out on the rental you wanted. Plus, by booking early, you can often save yourself some money.

2. Read before you leave.

We don’t hide our rental policies, and whether you read them or not, you’re held responsible for upholding them. That’s why we always recommend that before you leave our Cleveland office, be sure to thoroughly read through the rental policies and agreement. Ask questions if you have them, and be knowledgeable of what’s expected of you.

3. Pick a comfortable car.

You know how many passengers you’ll have and how long you’ll be driving. Don’t try to pick the smallest model just because of the lower rate. An uncomfortable car ride is not worth saving a few dollars a day. If you have more than three passengers, you may want to consider upgrading from a cheap car rental to a premium model.

By following these tips and choosing City Auto Rental, you can minimize rental hassles and get to where you need to go. To make a reservation, contact City Auto Rental at (216) 688-0208 during regular business hours, or get started now using our online reservation system.

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