How to Find a Cheap Rental Car

Cheap Rental CarWhether you’re traveling for business or out of town for a holiday, you don’t want to spend more than you need to on a rental car. So how do you rent a car without blowing through your budget? Consider these few rental tips from our crew at City Auto Rental of Cleveland, OH.

1. Look for deals.

Don’t go with the very first car rental company you find or the one that you’re familiar with. Do some digging online or call around to see whether other companies have a better deal on a similar vehicle. Just a few more minutes of comparison can save you a boatload of cash.

2. Don’t rely on the big names.

You may have heard a thousand commercials for that big-name car rental company. However, before you assume that they will give you the best rental rate, be sure to check out local options as well. Often, smaller car rental companies like City Auto Rental can give you deals or flexible payment options you can’t get from those national chains. So don’t count out the little guy!

3. Stick to the basics.

Don’t swoon over that luxury car rental. If you really want to save money, get the smallest car that can comfortably fit your crew. Don’t get a larger, more specious vehicle unless you really need to because you’ll only end up paying more for that space. So if you can manage with that compact car, then do it.

To snag some great rental car deals in the Cleveland area, be sure to check out our fleet at City Auto Rental. We feature economy, mid-size, and premium cars at affordable rates. Plus, your cash is good here. Unlike many other companies, we allow our customers to pay with cash, so you don’t have to worry about having impeccable credit or being limited to paying with a credit card.

Find out more about our cheap rental cars, or make a reservation today by contacting us at (216) 688-0208.


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