3 Reasons to Visit the Greater Cleveland Aquarium

You’re armed with your Cleveland rental car and ready to explore the city! If you’re looking for fun attractions, we at City Auto Rental suggest that you check out the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. Here are three reasons why it’s a good choice for a fun day out in Ohio.

clown fish

1. Go around the world in a day.

The Greater Cleveland Aquarium has aquatic wildlife galleries from all corners of the earth! Check out the rare and venomous lionfish from the Indo-Pacific or the channel catfish—native to Ohio! The aquarium features all different types of water creatures, from fish to turtles to sharks.

2. Entertain everyone in your group.

A trip to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium is enjoyable for visitors of all ages. So whether you have a van full of kiddos or just you and a friend in your rental car, you are guaranteed a good day of exploration and discovery. The aquarium also has events and programs geared toward different ages.

3. Scratch that itch for a thrill.

Did you know that at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium you don’t have to stay on the “safe side” of the glass? The aquarium has a couple of programs that allow you to get up close with the animals. For an additional cost, you can even dive in the shark tank!

Ready to head to one of Ohio’s best attractions? Want more info? Check out the Greater Cleveland Aquarium website for current operating hours, admission rates, and additional details about the aquarium.

If you need a rental car for your time in Cleveland, be sure to contact City Auto Rental at (216) 688-0208. We have a dependable and cheap car rental to meet your needs and make the most of your time in Ohio.

photo credit: clownfish via photopin (license)

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