3 Reasons to Test Drive a Used Car

Are you in the market for a new-to-you vehicle? Finding used cars for sale is an economical and prudent choice. However, you want to do all you can to make a wise car-buying decision. We at City Auto Rental in Cleveland, OH always recommend that our customers take the car for a test drive, and here’s why.

1. Get a feel for how the used car drives.

A used car for sale may look great on the lot, but you want to make sure you’re happy with how the car handles on the road. A test drive allows you to take the car for a spin on the road so you can assess for concerns and make sure you like the way it drives.

2. Use your five senses.

While we don’t recommend that you taste used cars for sale, we do think it a good idea to utilize your other senses when making a car purchase. A test drive allows you to get inside the vehicle and look for flaws. You can smell the interior to assess for funky odors or smoke damage. As you drive the car, listen for rattling and make sure the car’s stereo is working properly.

3. Have time alone with the car.

During your test drive, take ten minutes to find an empty parking lot, park the used car, and do a thorough once-over. This alone time allows you to inspect the vehicle thoroughly, without a used car salesperson right next to you. You’ll feel more confident having looked at the vehicle at your own pace. To find used cars for sale in Cleveland, stop by City Auto Rental and test drive one of the many used vehicles on our lot. We welcome all your questions and want to help you in your car-buying process. Check out our online inventory of used cars for sale, and contact us today at (218) 688-0208 to schedule a test drive.